Open days 24th and 25th April

After cancellation last year due to Covid, the Wild Dunedin Festival is trying again and we are looking forward to hosting these tours as part of it. $5 entry, 12-4pm Saturday 24th and 1-4pm Sunday 25th. There will be a few plants for sale on the day. Please expect to park a few blocks away. Check out the links below for more details. Please share with anyone you think may appreciate it. Hope to see you here!

Autumn 2020 Events


Hello website followers! It’s been almost a year since I last contributed to my site, and you can blame Instagram (click the logo at the top and centre of this page). It’s very convenient for sharing a few photos with minimal text regularly, plus it reaches a different audience. Any long form content (should it ever materialise!) will still be posted here, as will all event notifications. I don’t want you to get another email just to see a few photos that you’ve probably seen before in a past season. However, each season is a new iteration of the familiar and there have been some exciting changes, so I promise a decent update soon.

Meanwhile here’s a poster for some upcoming events. If you can’t make it to the open day here on Sunday March 22, there are two more on the Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 of April as part of the Wild Dunedin Festival, both 12-4 pm and $5 entry. Hope to see some of you then!



Autumn 2019

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Sap rising, fruit set and first fruits

Thanks to everyone who visited George Street Orchard on Sunday as part of the Valley Project and Otago Girls’ High School fundraising tours. It was great to see familiar faces and I enjoyed meeting lots of new people so keen to grow. Thanks also to those who purchased some of my plants – it really helps to keep my nursery habit alive!

It’s such a fun time of year – watching blossom slowly turn to fruit, seeing perennial herbs construct themselves again, launching new ideas and patterns, and witnessing the emergence of crops you’ve been waiting on a few years…


Feijoas FAQ

Feijoas (Acca sellowiana) are probably the most discussed crop here at George Street Orchard. People are often surprised that they can grow this far south.

Feijoa ‘Tagan’ in 2014, planted 2010

They are native to South America and range in the wild from latitude 26° – 35°. In southern Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and northern Argentina they are common to elevations 400 – 1400 m, therefore hill country not as hot as those latitudes might suggest.

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