Vegetable Growing (+more!) Workshop

Join me (Rory) here in George Street Orchard for this comprehensive vegetable growing workshop.

We will be demonstrating and teaching a no-till, permanent-bed, compost-as-mulch system. Sounds a bit wordy eh, but it’s really simple, allowing us to spend more time planting and harvesting and less time weeding.

Beyond any particular method of garden establishment, no-till (or no-dig) is a year by year system favouring soil health, high yields and work efficiency. Most famously and wonderfully taught by the legendary Charles Dowding , variations of this system are now practiced by leading local and international organic market gardeners.

If you are keen on a diverse, high density, fruit forest garden, this is a great system to get you there whilst providing high yields in the short-mid term.

During the workshop we will cover garden design and establishment, composting, propagation, harvesting, planning for all seasons and more.

Sunday 12 December 1-4 pm, with an optional orchard tour 4-5 pm as a bonus. $40 per person.

Please email registrations to Rory @ #notill #noraisedbeds #urbanfarming

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