George Street Orchard is in the tenth year of becoming a resilient, diverse and delicious garden. Our aim is to grow many of the foods we like to eat in a way which captures atmospheric carbon, builds soil, increases biodiversity and blurs the distinction between ornamental and utilitarian. To these ends, we emphasise perennial and self-seeding annual plants and work to mimic and encourage natural patterns. The garden is structured primarily to accommodate approximately thirty species of fruiting trees, shrubs and vines; some well known and proven in this region, others experimental, but all selected for being viable in, if not perfectly suited to our unique climate. Vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, chickens and mushrooms are coordinated and shuffled within. We demonstrate design and techniques we have found to be successful to inspire action for flourishing edible environments in the city and beyond.

The seasons' feijoas to date


april 2013 (28)

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