Sap rising, fruit set and first fruits

Thanks to everyone who visited George Street Orchard on Sunday as part of the Valley Project and Otago Girls’ High School fundraising tours. It was great to see familiar faces and I enjoyed meeting lots of new people so keen to grow. Thanks also to those who purchased some of my plants – it really helps to keep my nursery habit alive!

It’s such a fun time of year – watching blossom slowly turn to fruit, seeing perennial herbs construct themselves again, launching new ideas and patterns, and witnessing the emergence of crops you’ve been waiting on a few years…



    1. Sometimes I sell some, currently out of stock but I just sowed seed for sales next year. I will be adding a nursery page to my website soon. I don’t know of any other sources.

  1. Hi Rory. Thanks for hosting for OGHS. There was so much interest and fascination with what you are doing. Unfortunately I left my chair at your place. Just to rainy to sit at the gate!! And I didn’t get a chance to buy any hackap bushes! I was wondering if I could swing by and pick up the chair please. I left it near the water tanks. Thanks. Rachel S. 0211783255. Alternately you could drop it to me and come see our fledgling edible garden. Let me know.

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