Late summer / early autumn


Left to right: Egremont russet, Liberty, Tydeman’s late orange, Belle de Boskoop. Habitate heritage fruits nursery ( have just released their 2016 catalogue, be in quick to order these varieties plus many more, all suited to our southern climate.


‘Liberty’ apple


‘Merton russet’ apple espalier


Lettuce, Egyptian walking onions and oregano


‘Blackboy’ peach and blackcurrants


Home base for chickens: under a large Hoheria tree that provides wind and rain shelter, shade, leaf litter; an open air covered roost (obscured right); constant access to deep litter/compost piles; bucket and tray for dry foods; water tray (left) raised on block to limit scratched in debris; additional evergreen shrub shelter foreground right (Elaeagnus x ebbingei). All positioned mid-garden to allow multiple easily fenced rotations.


Double grafted pear: ‘Conference’ right, Wanaka pear (Winter Nellis?) left


Fast growing grove of Aristotelia chilensis (Maqui berry)


‘Albany surprise’ grape


Purple sprouting broccoli, curly kale and a newly planted border of Welsh bunching onions and chicory


Aristotelia chilensis (Maqui berry) seedlings


Aronia melanocarpa (black chokeberry)


2 thoughts on “Late summer / early autumn

  1. Hi there, I’m Yuta and am subscribing your blog. I’m just wondering how you guys treat veges, since your veges are so beautiful? And also I’m very curious about your insect control method especially, for lettuce and rocket.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Yuta, we don’t grow veges much at all. When we do, they are usually self sown (mostly leafy veges) and just need a little spot weeding around them sometimes. If we plant them (eg. lettuce in raised beds), then they get regular vege style TLC (no weed competition, water etc). There is no insect control method, though the garden as an integrated whole system probably works to minimize insect damage to any specific plants. Thanks, Rory

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