may 2010 (4)
Rainbow Inca corn.
may 2010 (23)
Purple climbing bean and corn.
Peninsula banana passionfruit and apples
Peninsula banana passionfruit and apples
may 2010 (7)
Outdoor grown Russian red tomatoes.
may 2010 (5)
Sow broad beans almost any time of year in Dunedin, though best crops probably come from sowing April through to September.
may 2010 (15)
Sugar snap peas in bathtub, beans on the fence.
may 2010 (29)
Runner bean wall.
may 2010 (37)
Young feijoa with pumpkin, corn and beans.
october 2009 (26)
Rainbow chard.
may 2010 (33)
R.I.P. rhododendron, soon after this photo it was blown over in strong westerlies. Dare I say Dunedin has enough rhododendrons already though.